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Hi this being my first post, I found it fitting to share a piece of my journey and how I became and started the Four Legged Nurse. I grew up riding horses (I know what you’re probably thinking: “what a privileged brat”) since I was about 9.  I took a hiatus from riding through high school, picking it back up at the start of college. In college, I studied communications, journalism, and my sorority. (Okay, yes, I am painting myself a bit basic but bare with me.)

During college, I found joy in my major and wanted to concentrate in broadcast journalism. But, after getting back into riding, there was a giant part of me that really, really, really, wanted to just be with horses. Ride them, play with them, work on them, lay with them.. So I started researching. And lo and behold there was this career path called a “Veterinary Technician”. At first I shook it off because I didn’t want to just take radiographs..and that’s all a technician does, right? But, as I looked into the profession more closely, I learned that for four-legged patients, technician is a synonym for nurse. That’s when bells went off in my head: THIS was my calling. I began my research right away and found a program at a school nearby. I got all my prerequisites updated and started the following fall. After a grueling two years, 300 clinical hours, a rigorous board, and tears (so many tears) I became a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

Fast forward 5 years, I’ve been and continue to work at an amazing practice that lets me do what I love day in and day out. But my love of journalism has not gone away. That’s where this blog comes in. I wanted to start a community for nurses. One that we can use to share stories, laughs, hardships, and tips. Our profession is brilliant and amazing yes, but it’s also heartbreaking and trying. I want to make a platform for other veterinary nurses and pet lovers alike to share their stories, and read about the daily struggles and triumphs of being a four legged nurse. So welcome aboard (that’s corny, sorry) and please let us know what is that makes you happy or sad in this career. Chances are we’ve been there too and maybe together we can find solutions to our problems, and comfort in our similarities. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to this beautiful new relationship!

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