Who We Are

For starters we’re nurses, for four legs (obviously). We’re here to share wisdom, stories, learn or simply bitch about the ups and downs of being veterinary nurses. Of course we love our jobs (our paychecks say so) and we know there are so many others out there who share in our pain and glory. We’re on board to bounce cases off each other, spread love, tips, tricks or complain (which is what we try not to do but end up doing 75% of the time). This job is tough and it breaks our hearts but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What We Do

We’re licensed veterinary nurses who work hard at saving and helping four legged creatures under the supervision of veterinarians. We try to laugh more than we cry (although some days are tougher than others) and do our best at providing upstanding care for all the fur babies. We love collaborating with other minds and fellow nurses/vets/pet lovers in our field. Please feel free to drop by and share your studies/troubles with us. We’re all in this together. Near & far we are a family, our job is super complex and we want to build a community to share funny moments, sad stories, hard cases, or outlandish client behavior.